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AutoExp a scriptable game bot.

About AutoExp

AutoExp is a software created for macro creations using a script, using Visual Basic 6 language. The program was born to help in the boring and repetitive exp activity of Dark Age of Camelot. Its operation is quite easy: AutoExp guide your character using only your keyboard and mouse, without your presence. This means that whatever you can do with your mouse and/or keyboard AutoExp can do just without you. AutoExp works doing repetitive actions through a script, that's through a file that has all comands create for your char within. To let AutoExp work correctly, you have to configurate the software for your own DAoC client and afterwards to create a personal script depending on your needs and your character!

CAUTION: this software in Official servers and also in some un-official ones is forbidden. You can use it, but with the risk to be detected and to go against sanctions provided in rules of the server where you play.

AutoExp is not automatically detectable, but admins can control the time carried between a comand and the other and so they notice that there can be a macro program. A quite simple example is the macro of craft. If you plan AutoExp o other softwares to click with mouse or with keyboard onece every 3 seconds, admins can notice you very easily. For this reason we create the Delayrnd comand, that can be utilized as delay. An example of its usage:

delay 200

suspend the action of the script for 2 sec.

delayrnd 150 300

suspend the asciont of the script for a value randomly calculated each time betweem 1,5 and 3 sec.

So no one can spot you using a macro, because every time the action will be done in different time.

OBVIOUSLY it is on you to use this program smartly. A char logged since 3 days you can't die and never stop himself can arouse suspicion!!!


If you have a pc that can run a DAoC account, you are in!

AutoExp is compatible with all versione of windows after win95.

CAUTION: For those who use win7 or Vista, you have to start AutoExp with amministrator privileges.

Configuration of AutoExp is easy and minimal and it work with all DAoC version and with every server. A less easy thing will be to find the memory addresses of your client (if needed) to use some advanced functions. You will found something about later.

Download files

You can downlaod the program, updates and all other stuffs for AutoExp from SourceForge site.



After downloading the last version of the archive, you have to extract wherever you want in your hard disk. You will need 7zip, free download by

AutoExp do not need installation, so you will able to launch after the decompression, e.g. on desktop.


Fot Vista and Win7 users, on the first time you launch the program, you have ABSOLUTLY start it like admin. If you are not using an account with administrator privileges, just right click of the mouse on the .exe and select “run as admin” option.


DAoC window name: specifys the name (all or partial) of the DAoC window. If you have some doubt, just do not modify it.

Mob logs: specifys the file where to save the mobs killed by AutoExp. E.g.: c:\moblog.txt

Run debug: if it is active, it will debug of some funtions.

Save debug on file: if it is active, it will save the debug on a file to be specified to save the debug, e.g.: c:\Autoexp.txt

Permanent delay of comands: this parameter specifys the needed AutoExp delay to process some within comands as clicking a key or the composition of a string. Change this value only if you find problems with the keys simulation or with generation of strings.

Star origram on center: start AutoExp on the center of the screen.

Memory addresses set: it specifys which set of coordinates memory Autoexp will use. This option is quite important for the utilization of advanced funtions (as acknowledgment of mob levels and name, your energy level, etc.). Automatic Update key will check the presence of a new coordinate memory set and in case to download it.

Later you will find how you can set coordinate memory sets.

Check for upgrade: with this options, the program will chek if there will be a new versione of AutoExp and in case it will ask you to download it.

Daoc browse: the browser where you installed DAoC.

Memory addresses set

Memory addresses sets are the collection of memory addresses where AutoExp go to read specify in-game values (energy, endurance, target hp, etc.) Unfortunately every time it realeased a patch, this modifys the game.dll file and so change also memory addresses, and so you have to search the right memory addresses after every patch.

Do not be scaried by this, it is not a big problem. First of all, you need a program which can find memory values, and we advice Cheat Engine, free downloading here

At this point, open the memory file.ini and search for the values you need with Cheat Engine, afterwards start DAoC and rune your char.

Memory addresses you need are these below:

  1. Healt value
  2. Mana value
  3. Endurance value
  4. Mon name
  5. Target energy
  6. X Coordinates
  7. Y coordinates
  8. Send

Once you found these values, you can modify the memory.ini file with new data and select the memory set you modified with AutoExp.

List of all commands

Help and tutorials

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Example scripts

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Links and support sites

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Credits and thanks

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Contacts and help wanted

For any questions or if you want participate in the project with your contribution (beta testing, coding, translations, etc..) you can contact:

Hellson -

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